Wood pallets

Delivering all sorts, shapes and sizes of wood pallets


We supply refurbished and reconditioned wood pallets and manufacture new wood pallets. 

1. We specialise in the following wood pallet manufacturing activities: 

1.1 Refurbishment of wood pallets: We refurbish wood pallets to a condition as good as new. With our refurbished wood pallets we help industrial users to lower their costs. We have an unlimited supply of refurbished wood pallets. 

1.2 Reconditioning of used pallets: We can also recondition used wood pallets for any business to lower cost, as new wood pallets are very expensive in South Africa.

1.3 Manufacturing of new pallets and crates: We manufacture new wood pallets and new crates in all the standard sizes and to customized specifications.

1.4 Compliance to international standards: We also arrange fumigation and germ free certificates, including marking stamps, for all pallets destined for export of goods.

2. An introduction to wood pallets:


When you see a delivery truck open as it’s being unloaded, you will almost certainly see pallets if you take a peek inside. The majority of pallets are wooden, but plastic, paper or metal are alternate options. A pallet is a flat structure, which is used to transport a variety of goods while being lifted by a forklift. In some areas, but less widely used, metal pallets are also available. Before being lifted, the goods are placed on the pallet and secured by straps to ensure safe transportation.

The most economical of pallets, which are made of softwood, are disposable and are generally discarded once they reach their shipping destination. Both hardwood and plastic pallets are more expensive and are used time after time. Some manufacturers choose not to discard older wooden pallets as they can be used as donations of firewood. Paper pallets, on the other hand, are used only for light loads because they are not as strong as those made of wood. Paper pallets are most widely used in businesses where recycling and hassle free disposal are necessary.

The most common place to see pallets would be in a warehouse or factory, which is where delivery trucks are loaded and unloaded. Rows of merchandise are transported on pallets and longevity is very important when transporting such a large quantity of merchandise. The more items being delivered, the higher the value and the more dependable the mode of transportation must be.

In addition for providing efficient shipment, pallets are used to save time. Consider a situation where a retailer orders 250 boxes of one product. A pallet would save much time in that all of the products are unloaded at one time, using a forklift. Were it not for a pallet, the store workers would have to make continuous trips on and off of the delivery truck just to get the product in their store. A pallet allows all of the products to be removed at once and placed on the floor for easy distribution. As such, pallets are widely used among retail or manufacturers for loading and unloading a heavy load of merchandise at one time.

In order to efficiently operate, virtually all businesses must incorporate the use of pallets. From large retailers to small jewelry stores, each business uses this product either in-house or in a warehouse for easy retrieval of their products. Automobile manufacturers even use pallets in transportation of auto spare parts or deliveries from their suppliers.

Perhaps one of the best aspects of pallets is the various ways they can be relocated. As mentioned previously, they can easily be moved using a forklift. In addition, they can also be transported using manual jacks on wheels and human strength. A forklift is a very expensive piece of equipment, but a jack is far more economical and can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of a forklift. As such, there is a transportation for pallets no matter what the budget. Whether a large retail corporation or a small, start-up business, pallets are readily available for all to use. 

3. Hand pallet trucks and trolleys:

Pallet trucks are for moving pallets from one place to another. Pallet trucks not only make transportation of pallets easier but also ease loading and unloading while ensuring utmost safety. They can minimize time of transport considerably. Since the pallets can be rather heavy, pallet trucks need to be very strong and functional. Pallet trucks are generally used in industries like chemical and pharmaceutical factories, warehouses, food storage industries, retail stores, and others. Most pallet trucks can move loads of around 4,000 lbs.

Pallet trucks are being designed to suit all kinds of environments and terrains, including highly corrosive and unsanitary conditions. Some pallet trucks are being made from zinc, and stainless steel, and some are chrome coated and galvanized to resist even highly moist atmosphere like pharmaceutical and chemical factories. These are suitable for clean room, laboratory, wash down, and corrosive material handling applications.

There are different types of pallet trucks: low-profile pallet trucks, pallet trucks with scale (for weighing the load), big-wheeler pallet truck (for uneven floors and heavy loads), specialty pallet trucks (made of zinc or stainless steel for unsanitary environments), wheel-nose pallet trucks (for placing pallets closely in a row), ergonomic pallet trucks (for ease of operation), economic pallet trucks, "Freight Saver" pallet trucks, all-terrain pallet trucks (for any kind of terrain), foldable manual pallet trucks (light-duty trucks especially beneficial for going down narrow aisles, through doorways, or around tight corners), electric pallet trucks (with AC drive motor, battery pack, and regenerative braking system), and so on.

Some pallet trucks also have adjustable push rods, a wide turning radius, skin adaptors, and integral scales. There are some highly advanced pallet trucks that even contain a printer, LCD display, and a keypad with automatic tare functions that works on rechargeable batteries.

Used pallet trucks are also available. Pallet trucks can be ordered and bought online at exclusive manufacturer websites. The internet is a good source for information about pallet trucks.

With more and more industries and customers becoming concerned with the environmental impact a business has, re-using and re-cycling pallets is an increasingly commonplace and cost effective alternative to buying new.

4. Standard sizes of wood pallets:

4.1 South African standards for wood pallets: The standard sizes of wood pallets used in South Africa as listed below, are manufactured in two way and four way types. A two way wood pallet can be lifted from two sides by a forklift and a four way wood pallet can be lifted from all four sides by a forklift.

800 mm x 1200 mm
1000 mm x 1000 mm
1000 mm x 1200 mm
1200 mm x 1200 mm

4.2 European standards for wood pallets: The standard sizes of wood pallets used in European countries, also named euro pallets, are:

EURO pallet type

Dimensions (W × L)


800 mm × 1,200 mm


1,200 mm × 1,000 mm


1,000 mm × 1,200 mm


800 mm × 600 mm

The size of 800 mm x 1200 mm has been very popular as it can conveniently be moved through standard single door sizes. The latest trends in specifications are to use wooden pallet sizes that can maximize loading capacities into the different standard steel cargo container sizes.

5. Benefits of refurbished wood pallets:

  • Wood pallets are easier to repair than plastic pallets.
  • Wood pallets are more water resistant than paper or cardboard pallets.
  • Wood pallets can more easily be repaired, reconditioned and refurbished than other pallets, because of the availability of used wood pallets and raw material.
  • Refurbished wood pallets are usually as a rule, more affordable than any other type of pallet.
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